Live Streaming

Online meetings

All our regular meetings are now happening online, using a great tool called Zoom. You’re welcome to join us! If you’re new to Zoom, please see the sidebar for more information.

Sunday Services

Our live-streamed Sunday services start at 10:30 and aim to finish before midday. The first 15 minutes or so is all-age, after which there are some suggested activities for young people, while the adults continue to meet. Even if you’re new to Church, you’re really welcome to join – there’s no obligation to say anything unless you want to!

To join: https://zoom.us/j/705130489

To join by phone, call 0203 481 5240
Then enter the meeting number, which is 705130489 and press the # button
It will ask you for your participant id, press # again.
Wait for whoever is running the meeting to let you join.

Materials for kids & young people can be found here.

Home Groups

During this season, our home groups will meet weekly instead of fortnightly, apart from the 4th Wednesday which will be all-church meeting. Times are as shown below. Home groups will often spend time discussing questions relating to the Sunday teaching: the questions can be found here.

Steadman Home Group (7:30 pm): https://zoom.us/j/608712524 (dial in and you’ll be assigned to the right one)

Spare Home Group (7:45 pm): https://zoom.us/j/608712524 (dial in and you’ll be assigned to the right one)

McNicoll Home Group (8 pm): https://zoom.us/j/719063011

Church Meetings

On the fourth Wednesday, there will be an all-church meeting, 7:45 pm for 8.

To join: https://zoom.us/j/84815492289

Prayer Meetings

During the lockdown, our Saturday morning prayer breakfasts are happening fortnightly. Bring your breakfast to the screen for 9 am, and we’ll pray from 9:30!

To join: https://zoom.us/j/838431480

The missionary prayer meeting is also happening fortnightly on Sundays from 9:45 am to 10:15.  Join the usual Sunday service meeting and you will be put into a breakout room.

To join: https://zoom.us/j/705130489

Family Prayer & Worship

With schools returning, we are no longer running family prayer & worship sessions from June onwards. They have been fantastic times of encouragement and discipleship, and we encourage parents to continue leading their families in prayer and worship in a pattern that fits your household!


New to Zoom?

If you’re not super-confident with technology, or if you’ve played with Skype and WhatsApp but never tried Zoom, we have you covered!

Zoom is free, reliable and entirely safe to use.

Have a read of the instructions below to get started:

Getting started with Zoom on a windows laptop

Getting started with Zoom on a tablet or phone

If you’re still having trouble, please drop us an email on office@wheatleycommunitychurch.org