The Blessing

I am so excited that we can have a go at this project. I know that for many of us we will be stepping a very long way out of our comfort zones, but I think we can really be sharing God’s love to our community through this. It feels no surprise that this song has gone global in a time when everyone needs to hear that God is for them. I think historically as Jesus followers we may have held on to God’s favour greedily for ourselves, but I think the time has come to come together as Christ’s body to declare that His favour is for all.

My prayer is that we can have representatives of all the churches in Wheatley: my vision is that as people watch it they see Jesus followers of the wider family of Christ praying to their Heavenly Father and praying a blessing on the watchers’ lives. That they would experience God’s love through the words we are singing and have an encounter with Him. The more you can just be you, praying to Your Father as you record, the better it will be. (I know that is an incredibly tall order!)

This is going to be a virtual choir so unlike the UK blessing we won’t have soloists but the screen will be full of little pictures of each of us and nobody’s voice will be heard alone.

You will need to be very familiar with the song before you record as the track I am sending you is a backing track with choir and vocals to support you but particularly at the beginning you are the only voice! Here is a youtube track you can use to practise the song. Below is the track for you to sing along with whn you are recording it gives you instructions of what to sing and has a click to keep you in time.

This second audio file is the Backing track without metronome clicks or guide voice if you were finding them off putting.

Please join us in this project.

I am praying that this will impact its listeners, that together we can make a stand for the Kingdom, stand in the gap and represent Our Father’s love for our community!

Yours in Christ